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Calata Gadda snc
16128 Genoa – Italy
T: +39 389 479 2262
E: info@sangiorgiomarine.com

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in Sangiorgio Marine

Sangiorgio Marine and San Giorgio del Porto

Sangiorgio Marine began life when Edoardo Bianchi met with the historic Genoese company, renowned for its extraordinary entrepreneurial vision, and which now sees its fourth ...

Edoardo Bianchi CEO of Sangiorgio Marine

Edoardo Bianchi, sailor, Olympian, engineer, composites expert, entrepreneur and television commentator is one of the founders of Sangiorgio Marine. After serving as project manager and ...

The new shipyard located in the heart of the Port of Genoa

Sangiorgio Marine is the new shipyard located in the heart of the port of Genoa, a structure that brings together all the know-how and experience ...
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