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16128 Genoa – Italy
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INFLUENCE2: second Class40 made in Sangiorgio Marine launched

The first twin sister of Allagrande - Pirelli, Ambrogio Beccaria's Class40 that is bringing Italian ocean sailing into the limelight, takes to the water.

Influence2, with skipper at the helm Andrea Fornaro, will sail under the colours of the Circolo Canottieri Aniene and hold high the Italian tricolour.

Fornaro will challenge on Influence2 Beccaria, and Riva, both on sister boats built (or under construction) in Sangiorgio Marine.

On 6 June, in the splendid setting of the Yacht Club Italiano, in the presence of the Genoese and regional authorities, guests and Alessandra Sensini godmother-in-chief, the latest product of the shipyard led by Edoardo Bianchiwas washed up.

“The launch of a boat is always a very exciting moment, and even more so if it bears your trademark! Influence2 will be doing battle with Ambrogio Beccaria’s Allagrande-Pirelli, and Alberto Riva’s Acrobatica (which will be leaving the yard this summer, ed.): a trio all made in Sangiorgio Marine! Guelfi and D’Angeli have created a fine project, of which I am proud to be the builder together with our yard’s team of professionals. At this point I am very curious to see the triplets in the water and I am obviously cheering Italy and Genoa on!”

This was the comment of the CEO of Sangiorgio Marine Edoardo Bianchi.

Photo credits: Martina Orsini

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