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Calata Gadda snc
16128 Genoa – Italy
T: +39 389 479 2262
E: info@sangiorgiomarine.com

A modern shipyard directly overlooking the sea

Sangiorgio Marine is located
in Genoa, a historical sea capital

The location of the Sangiorgio Marine shipyard in Genoa provides a significant competitive advantage. Being directly situated on the sea and at the centre of a vast network of industry-related businesses, historically dedicated to the maritime and shipbuilding sectors.

An extensive and established network of specialized partners and suppliers, along with all the services and infrastructure for production and product handling, enable Sangiorgio Marine to consistently offer a rapid response for the best solutions available.

The technological transfer of composites into the world of racing boats, as well as into other sectors – such as construction, aerospace, military, and automotive – combined with constant innovation and performance pursuit, along with Genoese shipping industry’s know-how and construction capabilities, allows Sangiorgio Marine to offer a comprehensive, cutting-edge and highly efficient service.


Located in the heart of the port of Genoa, shipyard infrastructure was designed to build vessels up to 140 feet long and carry out maintenance operations, refits and technical modifications. The facility houses all the latest equipment necessary for the manufacturing of medium and large-sized composite products having a high technological content.

Under Sangiorgio Marine hangars, several areas are dedicated to material preparation, lamination, trimming and painting. A modular oven allows for post-curing and baking processes, for which a 9-metre long and 3-metre diameter autoclave is also used.

The cleaning room is accompanied by a refrigeration cell for the storage of pre-pregs, which are then custom-prepared for lamination using a cutting plotter. All hangars are equipped with overhead cranes suitable for handling heavy loads and carrying out the relevant operations.

In addition to indoor areas, the shipyard boasts ample outdoor spaces and docks for vessel mooring, launching and haulage activities, with a depth of 9.5 metres, thus allowing for the docking of vessels having a considerable draft.


Within its premises, Sangiorgio Marine has dedicated an area to the production of composite components in order to meet the growing demand from Teams for increasingly advanced and competitive boats. An autoclave, with a length of 9 metres and a diameter of 3, plays a vital role in supporting this department, thus allowing for the completion of component polymerization process.


The flexibility of both the team and the facility enables Sangiorgio Marine to adapt the spaces dedicated to various operations according to the needs in question.

The department for new constructions therefore adjusts its structure according to project’s dimensions, construction methods and timeframes, with the aim of optimizing production


The shipyard boasts a yard in front of the main hangar. This area is used for finishing and refitting works, in addition to the necessary hauling and launching manoeuvres, which are carried out with the support of self-propelled machinery and large-capacity trolleys.


Inside this department will be installed a 5-axis numerical control milling machine that will allow to cover all the internal needs but also to realize models and moulds for third parties.


Sangiorgio Marine is located
in the vibrant heart of
the Port of Genoa

Sangiorgio Marine is located in a strategic area of the Port of Genoa, close to the city centre, at a 10-minute distance from the airport, and well-connected to the main motorways. Clients have an ample choice of hotels within walking distance or through convenient transfers.

Genoa has a long history in shipbuilding industry. The new waterfront, the redevelopment of areas and the construction of new facilities enable Genoa to play a key role in the yacht and superyacht segment.

In the area, there are over 50 companies providing a comprehensive range of services for all aspects of repair, electrochemical and electronic works, as well as services such as carpentry and design workshops, hull cleaning, painting, sandblasting, flooring, and sanitary systems.

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