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Calata Gadda snc
16128 Genoa – Italy
T: +39 389 479 2262
E: info@sangiorgiomarine.com

Sangiorgio Marine
produces boats
in composite materials.

We put our know-how
and cutting-edge materials
at the service of performance

Sangiorgio Marine is a shipyard specialized in the construction and refit of highly performing racing and fast cruising vessels. We use the most advanced state-of-the-art materials and production processes to create extremely high-performance and technologically advanced projects. We have a deep understanding of the entire life cycle of a boat: from design to construction to refit, and maintenance.

Our engineering and construction process stems from a deep understanding of materials and their limits. Our process starts where all other materials stop: from the blank page of the new project to the complete refitting of composite boats, and all other structural challenges.

Choosing Sangiorgio Marine means entrusting your projects to people of proven ability and experience, with a vision always focused on research and improvement.

Our task is to transfer composite world know-how and technological forefront into the realm of high-level racing boats, tackling new challenges every day, seeking the best available solutions, and constantly putting them to the test in terms of performance and structural integrity.

Technological challenge is always at the centre of Sangiorgio Marine’s projects. The performance of a racing boat is the result of constant research on product optimization, materials and the best technologies available.

At the helm of Sangiorgio Marine is Edoardo Bianchi, who is supported by a team of industry professionals. Thanks to Mr. Bianchi’s experience, dynamism and flexible approach, along with his team’s constant pursuit in researching highest-performing materials and solutions, as well as their attention to details, Sangiorgio Marine adds value to its products.

The figure of Mr. Edoardo is central to Sangiorgio Marine: his experience as a project leader and production director at major shipbuilders enables the shipyard to confidently tackle the most complex projects. As a pioneer of foiling, an engineer and a visionary, his position constantly directs the entire team’s outlook to future.

The shipyard has an average age of 40 and is led by Alberto Monaco. An offshore sailor and construction expert, Alberto is supported by a close-knit team of young men and women.
The shipyard combines the efficiency of a team accustomed to working in an extremely competitive international environment with the ability to find solutions and typically Italian design.

Sangiorgio Marine can rely on a network of highly experienced and productive suppliers from Genoa and Liguria, with San Giorgio del Porto being the foremost among them. San Giorgio del Porto is a historic company in the shipping industry and a partner of Mr. Bianchi in this venture.


Yachtsman, Olympian, engineer, composite expert, entrepreneur, and television commentator, he is the founder of Sangiorgio Marine. After serving as a project manager and project leader for America’s Cup campaigns with Land Rover BAR and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, of which he has been often referred to as the “father,” Mr. Edoardo decided to bring his experience and know-how to Sangiorgio Marine, where he serves as a CEO.

The desire to improve, grow, and continually test the many acquired skills leads him to raise the bar of what is possible every day. From the encounter with another extraordinary entrepreneurial vision, that of Ferdinando Garrè, Sangiorgio Marine shipyard was born. This facility brings together all the past experience to offer the most excellent technology in racing and cruising boat construction and repair.



San Giorgio del Porto is a historic Genoese company which, since 1928, has been providing ship repair and conversion solutions, refitting and specialized activities in ship recycling.

The shipyard is an international reference point and has a specialized staff of naval architects, mechanical engineers, skilled workers and technicians who are able to perform complex projects and provide naval support worldwide.

San Giorgio del Porto is part of Genova Industrie Navali Group, a single solution for the entire shipbuilding industry, capable of offering a wide range of specialized products and services. These include refit and repair works, new constructions and design, outfitting, technical systems for maritime industry, coatings, and services.

The participation of San Giorgio del Porto in the corporate structure of Sangiorgio Marine is strategic because it brings the century-old know-how and the position of a global leader in ship repairs to a frontier world: that of high-tech vessels.

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